Racial, Ethnic, Religious and Language Justice

Racial, ethnic, language, and religious freedoms are central values of the NVP organization. When those values are attacked, NVP believes there must be a call to public witness.

In January 2017, NVP responded to concerns from leaders of the United Muslim Masjid, an NVP member organization, about increased Incidents of racism and bigotry suffered by members of their community by organizing an Interfaith Peace and Unity Gathering in partnership with the Mosque. Over 250 NVP members and guests celebrated the diversity of their many faiths, ethnic and cultural heritages, and languages. Many individuals—including those with Irish, Puerto Rican, Lebanese, African, as well as Muslim roots—spoke firsthand of their experiences of discrimination in the past and at the present time. In a moving spirit of unity, the entire gathering publicly pledged to support Muslims, and any other targeted group, to live in peace.  

In October 2018, NVP and the United Muslim Masjid organized a Solidarity Gathering of 250 people to offer public support to our region’s Jewish community four days after the massacre of worshippers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.  Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Latino and African-American leaders delivered messages of love to the Jewish people from their congregations and communities.

As NVP members acted for the rights of Muslims and Jews against increased levels of hatred and violence instigated at the highest levels of our government in January 2017 and October 2018, NVP will continue to stand up in solidarity whenever any segment of our community is attacked or marginalized.